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Type of bike:

First things first, make sure your child can stand over the top of the tube with both feet on the ground. It’s very important that they feel comfortable and in control the entire time. On larger bikes, they can easily lose control and therefore lose confidence as they continue learning to ride, making the learning process longer.


Safety first – it’s important for them to use a helmet that adequately wraps around their heads, so in case they get into an accident, the helmet does its job at protecting their heads.


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Finding the right place to teach them to ride is easy if you keep a few things in mind. Look for traffic-free, large and flat, even paved areas that will make their rides easy and smooth. Driveways, parks or empty parking lots are ideal.

Learning to Ride Step 1

Finding Balance and Scooting:

It’s recommended that your child establishes balance on the bike itself before peddling.

A good tip is to have the tires properly inflated which will make their ride smoother and well balanced.

Have them get used to scooting on the bike, in a similar motion to that of a being on a scooter. Have them push with their legs. Then gradually include having them scoot and place their feet on the pedals.

A good trick is to play a game with them to see how long they can scoot and then put their feet on the petals. Play a game with them, and see how long they can glide with their feet on the petals. Start by counting to five and then ten seconds.

This step is essential in having them gain confidence on the bike.

Turning and Coasting:

Once they feel comfortable coasting, have them make big wide, looping turns to practice turning. You can also make this process fun for them by either setting up cones for them to spin around, or putting objects in sporadic places for them to aim for, thus teaching them to scan ahead and to direct the bike towards a particular direction.

Check their progress:

After they’ve practice some, a good way to assess their progress is by seeing if they can coast the bike with their feet up, make turns and hit specific markers.

Peddling & Breaking:

Finally, when you reach a place where they can start to learn to peddle, start by having them put one foot on the ground, with the other on the pedal raised in the two o’clock position. Coach them to push forward similar to when they were scooting.

To teach them to break, have them petal at slows speeds, and then break at certain markers. Also use commands to teach them to break. So they can practice to break abruptly.

After they’ve managed to petal a few times while maintaining balance, repeat the same drills as when they were simply scooting i.e. have them peddle and make wide turns, as well as pedal to reach specific markers on the floor.





Before you have them test their skills on the actual road, start by playing follow the leader with them in the training area. When you feel that they are safe enough to hit the road, sit them down and teach them a few things about driving safety such as: looking both ways, wearing bright clothing, typically go at slow speeds, and always be prepared to break, to be alert for cars pulling out of driveways, gateways and intersections, to drive with safe distance between other cyclist, always keep to the right and always let you know before they go for a ride.

When all is said and done, make sure to pat yourself on the back on a job well done!

These days childs toys and games are full of noise, ringing bells, extensive computer characters and as many flashing lights as possible. Although these toys are fantastic they aren’t the same as the toys of yester-year and many of us miss the good old-fashioned toys. Just because many of the toys on todays market seem to be sophisticated and over the top that doesn’t mean that there are other ways in which you can keep your children entertained.

Almost since the wheel was invented children (and adults) have enjoyed bike rides and cycling and despite the technological advances of todays toys it is still something that is enjoyed by the children of today.

Of course when you start to look at bicycles and tricycles for children you’ll find that there are plenty of them on the market. This means that whatever you are looking for you should be able to find something that suits you without too much hassle at all. Buying the right bike or trike is essential and there are several factors to bear in mind – for example the size of your child and the style of bike they would like.

One of the nicest options on the market is the radio flyer tricycle. When you start to look at Radio Flyer tricycles you will see why they are so popular and why so many people are buying them for their children.

Based on old-fashioned red tricycle styles these Radio Flyer tricycles lets you go back to basic retro designs so you get something that looks different as well as being fully functional. With hard work going into every aspect of building one of these trikes which means that you can be sure of getting a trike that is well made and offers fantastic value for money.

There are different features and benefits to buying these however when you think about the chrome front fender and the solid double-deck step up to the seat you can see that they are well thought out – with the happiness and well being of your child at the heart of its design. With rubber coated handlebars and a bright red finish this tricycle perfectly – helping to make sure that everything about this tricycle is everything you have envisioned.

Perhaps one of the best things about this style of bike is the fact that they are so well made which means that not only are they going to last but you know that they are sturdy enough for your child to ride safely.

If one of these tricycles seems ideal for you when it comes to buying something for your child then it is time to start shopping and looking around at retailers that can supply this for you. Finding someone that sells one of these Radio Flyer trike models should be easy enough and the best thing of all is the fact that they come at a price you can afford – making it a win-win situation for everyone involved, so what do you have to lose? You can find these trikes for sale at virtually any online retailer.

Some of the variations on this kids tricycle theme include the Radio Flyer big wheel, trikes with push handle, the Radio Flyer fold 2 go trike, the Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle, the stroll trike, Slider Rider and for the young ladies, there’s even a Radio Flyer Pink Tricycle!